Monday, June 22, 2009

Made Some New Friends and Other Stuff

So we've finally found a church, made new friends, and forgotton all you guys back home. Ha, just kidding! :) We did find a really great little community church nearby that we like. It's small, about 50 members in a service, and the people are very friendly. The small home group that we joined is full of couples our age and lots of kids. During the summer, they don't do regular Bible studies but instead get together and do fun stuff. We went to a game night at one of their houses on Friday and had such a good time! Both Sky and I felt very loved and accepted even though they didn't know us from Adam. The girls so enjoyed playing with other kids. I feel like they've been people-deprived. This Sunday we're goin to a BBQ and next month we'll be floating the Madison river. I can't wait! I've never floated a river before.
Sky's job isn't doing as well as we'd hoped. Apparently this has been the wettest year in a very long time. Sky hauls oil for the asphalt layers and they can't lay road when it's raining. He and Joel got sent to Missoula for most of last week since there weren't any jobs around here. Please pray for better weather so Sky can stay local and come home every night. We didn't move this far away from everyone just to be separated for most of the week.
Mom and Julie are coming to visit this week and Dad and Daniel will be coming for the 4th so we're really excited! It'll be so good to see them again. Sky even mentioned plans to take everyone to the Roadkill Cafe one night. Yeah, that Roadkill Cafe.....


  1. Hey, I am so glad you are going to see your Dad and Daniel. I will keep Sky and Joel in my prayers for a local job.