Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello from Beautiful Bozeman

Hello, all the people I love!!! I decided to start yet another blog so that all you wonderful friends and family members who are sooooo interested in our life can see what we're up to.
Bozeman is gorgeous. It's growing on me more than I thought it would. I feel strangely at home. Don't worry, we're still coming back in October sometime. Just don't be suprised if we announce we're moving for good sometime in the future. I promise you'll have more warning than we gave you all at church when we took off this time.
The kids are doing well. They love playing outside in the yard all the time and are turning into tanned, tow-headed litle girls. We're only 15 minutes from town so they enjoy shopping, going to the park, and playing at McDonalds. I'm afraid they're getting spoiled. They're also enjoying hiking, swimming, and exploring the endless mountains, lakes, waterfalls, rivers, and ghost towns.
You can see Kailey in the picture I was 90 degrees that day. It's snowing right now. :^P The weather is rather unpredictable and I'm longing for more summer. So don't anyone tell me about how beautiful it's been at home and how you've all been to the lake numerous times already because I don't want to hear it. They say it'll be 100 degrees in July and August. They had better be right.
I miss every one of you. We're still visiting churches and trying to find one we fit in. I'm afraid our expectations are high considering the church we're from. But we're trying not to unfairly compare. Pastor Sonny, you have a gift that not every preacher has and we miss you. Rob, Daniel, Isaac, Cherish, Vern, Josh, Jeff, Jake, and Kaila....I had no idea that our little worship team was so talented! I so miss being a part of lifting hearts to God with you! We are very blessed in tiny Springdale and don't any of you forget it. To the rest of you, we miss seeing your faces every Sunday and hearing your laughter and listening to Pastor Sonny telling everyone to pipe down so he can preach. Ah, the joy of going to a church where people like each other. :^) God bless you all.


  1. Yay! Nice to have a way to keep up with you guys! God bless!

  2. Hey, Nice to see you again! Missed your posts on HSA! HOw are you and the kids?

    Laura Hines

  3. yeah so don't be telling me it's 90 then snowing and try to talk me into moving there in the same breath. I ate my first garden zucchini today, I'm NOT going anywhere with a shorter season than here!

    p.s. your pics are beautiful! :)

  4. Hey, Darcy and Sky, I hope you get this. I had Patrick set me up with an account so I could 'talk' with you. Had a hard time finding where to 'Post a comment' but finally found it. Now I just need to know if you receive it. Gramma's trying to catch up with all these 'new fangled' websites and Blogs...Love to all